Gwenda Blum

Profile Updated: July 10, 2014
Gwenda Blum
Residing In: Chula vista, CA USA
Occupation: Alcohol and drug treatment counselor
Children: Dustin was born in 1988 and Clella in 1991.
Yes! Attending Reunion

Moved to San Diego with my parents after i graduated. I was a manicurist for a while. Then went to school for Micro computer accounting, which is actually just billing specialist. I had lots of jobs and was pretty wild until i turned 32 and made the decision to grow and get right. God, my family, kids, and an anonymous program helped me to do it. I went back to school again and i am now a certified AOD counselor for the last 11 almost 12 years. I enjoy my job and all the people i work with. I had 2 kids and i am now a grandma, family is everything to me. My children are the loves off my life. Did i ever get married? Ya one time for 3 months and then he walked, so i kinda figure that once was enough for me.

School Story:

Drama class! I fell off the spot light platform during the Hello Dolly play, man that was embarrassing. I worked at Northern Sales my senior year. DECA and the student store. Smoking area, "Someone keep a lookout for Burrows!". There was one kid that would show up with his boom box and play AC/DC everyday, who was that kid? I got yelled at by the science teacher because i found and grasshopper in my frogs stomach and scared some of the girls with it lol. The weight room, i hated the baby machine, thats what some of the guys nick named it. I got stuck in ROTC for a semester and we got to stoned to sail ourselves back, i don't remember how we got back in lol. And if there was marching to do i would tell the chief that in had cramps. Ditching class with a few of the girls one day and Burrows saw us driving through town, we all ducked maybe even the driver lol. Dad was waiting for me when i got home, i can still hear Burrows telling me BLUM YOU GOT 2 WEEKS DETENTION, DIDN'T YOU LEARN YOUR LESSON LAST YEAR! Umm apparently not, but by my senior year i figured out how to ditch and not get caught rotflmao! I guess it did learn something. Well i could go on and on have a great day everyone!

Which junior high did you attend?

Oak Harbor Junior High